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I grew up in Southern California and moved to NoVA when I was a young teen.  My dad always liked to find "fixer uppers" and we moved nearly every three years so he could renovate, update or remodel our newest home.  These experiences are why I love what can be created and accomplished through design.  One great lesson my parents taught me was "not to waste money on something you don't love in order to fill a space." "Save wisely, spend wisely and acquire pieces that truly fit your ideal design."  Some spaces in our home would remain unfinished until the right item was found.  Once a home was "complete," and the artwork was finally hung on the walls, my family would laugh because we knew our house was about to go on the market and we would be off on our next adventure!

I always had a passion for photography, fashion and art, but they never quite fulfilled me.  That all changed when I bought my first house.  All those years watching my parents make a house a home, then I was on an adventure of my own...creating a space that suited me and what made me feel good.  I designed my home for both functionality and visual enjoyment.  It was through this process I realized my passion and true calling as an Interior Designer. It wasn't enough for me to furnish a space with beautiful things through decorating. I also wanted to learn the art and science of understanding people's behavior in order to create functional spaces for them, so I earned my second degree in Interior Design from Mayrmount University. With an education background in design, fashion and art, my designs are derived from history, experience and trends, achieving a one of a kind look.  I love transforming spaces into stylish, comfortable homes by fulfilling the unique and individual needs and desires of each client.

The Design Process

Starting with our first conversation, I listen carefully for unique cues that will allow me to develop a design concept that not only suites your lifestyle but reveals the look you are imagining.  Design presentations also offer a visual approach to implementation, as well as fabric and product samples.

Projects include one room designs to full home renovations.  I put the client at the heart of every design, and believe that each home should complement their personality and lifestyle.  Whether I am thoughtfully mixing clients’ existing pieces with bespoke items, or creating custom designs, no two spaces are alike. I pride myself on implementing quality sourced products, for an original look, to comfortable interiors with a contemporary edge.

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